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Guess what? I'm on the

All I’ve ever wanted to do is make movies with my friends.


But, growing up in Austin, Texas in the 80’s didn’t offer a broad spectrum of opportunity,

so — I learned to do everything.  


I didn’t know a camera guy, so I learned to shoot.  I didn’t know an editor, so I learned to cut. I did sound, I learned about lights, built sets and props, wrote, directed, produced — with almost no distinction between jobs because I loved it all. I wanted to make movies, and by necessity, that’s what filmmaking became to me: doing everything.


In particular, I loved monster movies, so I learned to make monsters — and moved to Los Angeles to do it for real.


In the following years I traveled the world as a special makeup effects artist, slinging blood on movies such as THE DENTIST 1 & 2, WISHMASTER 2, 3, & 4, APOCALYPTO, THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE, THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 4, SPECIES 4, CHILDREN OF THE CORN 4, and PROPHESY 4


Basically, if there was a 4th in a horror franchise in the 90's, it’s a good chance that was me.


But, despite my affection for rubber and paint, making monsters was not making movies, so I started pushing my way into other aspects of filmmaking.  I tried my hand at film composing and adequately scored five feature films; parlayed music into sound design, SFX into VFX, and learned new technology from cameras to post production.


When I helped with finishing and delivery on a colleague’s indie feature, I started getting asked to supervise post production — which would get my foot in the door at every studio in Hollywood.


This position gave me a rare opportunity to work intimately with some of the most inspiring talent in the industry, learning the studio system from the inside on films like DOWNHILL, EARTHQUAKE BIRD, THE WAY WAY BACK, ENOUGH SAID, RUBY SPARKS, THE END OF THE TOUR, STOKER, and ANNABELLE.


Finally, I’ve been able to bring together everything I’ve learned along the way —


I directed and independently produced a feature film, FAMILY, a thriller about an escaped convict finding morality rescuing a young boy in trouble. It starred Renee Humphrey and Boyd Kestner, and sold to LIFETIME.


I directed LUNCH LADIES, a horror/comedy short about two lunch ladies obsessed with Johnny Depp, which was selected by over 100 Film Festivals worldwide, won dozens of awards, now on Amazon Prime and Kanopy.


I was a producer on KIDNAP with Halle Berry, CUT BANK with Liam Hemsworth which premiered at LAFF, and MANSON FAMILY VACATION with Jay Duplass, which premiered at SxSW.


I wrote and directed ON THE INTERNET, NOBODY KNOWS WHO YOU ARE, an episodic about how humanity is changing through the lens of technology, and won an IIFC Indie Spirit Award for the script.


I directed and shot THE GARAGE SALE, a dramatic comedy featurette with three inter-connected stories playing simultaneously and an ensemble cast of thirty actors, released EKO STUDIO, now on Amazon Prime.


I was the lead producer on THE DISUNITED STATES OF AMERICA for SKY NETWORK, an award-winning feature documentary portrait of American culture in the months leading up to the 2016 Presidential Election. Among many other festivals, it was selected by Gina Davis’s BFF Film Festival celebrating diversity.


Recently, I wrote, directed and produced THE RELIC, a Lovecraft inspired creature-feature short that premiered at Telluride Horror Show, has been selected by dozens of festivals and has been honored with many awards both technical and creative as it continues its festival run through 2021.


And there is still nothing I’d rather be doing than making movies with my friends.

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