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No one is closer to an actor on a movie set as the one who meets them in the trailer many hours before crew call, covers their body with something uncomfortable, and sits next to them to maintain it minute by minute through blood, sweat and tears as it slowly melts off over a fourteen-hour shoot day.  It is a unique and special bond of suffering and art between an actor and a special makeup effects artist.  

In the old days before digital photography, we used to take polaroids of our work for later reference, and it was a common practice for effects artists to ask the actors to sign them to commemorate their unusual experience together.  After the autograph, many actors would include a nice note about how much they enjoyed working with you, or some such other unoriginal platitude.

That practice began to change with me on THE DENTIST 2, thanks to Corbin Bernsen, who wrote how he really felt on his polaroid - and I started asking other actors to follow his example.  It inspired this collection of creativity that I consider one of the most impressive achievements of my career. 


Thanks, Corbin.

You started this.

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